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While receiving the purchase, the customer must check its quality and quantity. Pretentions to product quality or quantity are valid before the customer accepted the purchase according to the article 459 part 1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation or the article 211 Civil Code of Russian Federation.

According to the article 18 of Consumer protection laws all customers can return or exchange the items, if they are damaged or defected. The exceptions are chipping, because the customer must check the items for chipping before accepting the purchase.

If damages, defects and incorrect quantity are found while checking the items, the customer must

1) If the items were picked up by the customer in a store, the customer must inform the seller about these damages, defects or incorrect quantity. All sides make notes about these damages, defects or incorrect quantity and deadlines for their elimination in the customer’s order, if instant elimination is not possible.

2) If the items are delivered by the seller (shipping agent) and they were purchased remotely, the customer must check the items, make the notes in the order in the shipping agent’s presence, if damages, defects or incorrect quantity were found.  

 Rejection of goods.

If the customer rejects an item, the seller refunds amount of payment for the items. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs.

If an item wasn’t delivered, the seller refunds money, in case the seller receives the application letter. For refund processing the customer must provide the seller with the application letter in the store. All the applications letters must be sent to gostorg51@mail.ru.